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What is an eBook?
An eBook is an electronic book that can be read on a computer, smartphone or eBook reader. They give you instant access to books from all over the world. eBooks are purchased and downloaded online in real time and they can be read on various reading devices and smart phones. 

What is the difference between ePub, PDF and Mobi?
We offer virtual books supporting ePub, PDF and Mobi standards. Sometimes but not always there are various formats available of the same title. To see which formats are available, click on the title of the book and check the column on the left under the cover picture of the title. Choosing the right eBook format depends on which device or application you use. ePub is an open standard for free-flowing text. ePub and Mobi formats have advantages to the rigid PDF format because text and images are scaled for the size of the reading device and the entire file is not processed at once. Mobi format can be read on smartphones and the Amazon Kindle. For more information on this jungle visit our page Apps & Devices.

Do you use DRM (Digital Rights Management)?
DRM refers to limiting the usage of digital content and devices. DRM restrictions are applied if the publisher so wishes. It is always specified in the book's presentation whether the book is DRM-protected. The majority is not.

There's not so much content at this site yet. Why should I come back?
Because we are constantly adding more material: more publishers, more eBooks and more interaction. Because you can find independent publishers at this site, and sometimes they are difficult to be found if you don't know who you are looking for. And because the literature is good!

I'm a publisher. How can I distribute our eBooks at your site?
Please write to Milla ( and she will tell you how, should you already have your titles in electronic format or not.

I'm a writer. How can I distribute my books at your site?
The question is whether you or some publisher has the electronic rights for your book. Please clarify this from your possible contract and write to Milla ( We are happy to tell you more!

Can I distribute my publication on other sites as well?
Yes of course and we strongly recommend you to do so. We are not asking any kind of exclusivity. 

What is so special about you?
We strive for being independent publishers', writers' and readers' network. Our speciality is their versatility and variety of voices which cannot be doubted. 

Who is independent?
We are not too strict about it but for us an independent publisher is independent when it is independent in its owner structure. 

How academic are you?
Many of the authors are long experienced researchers and a number of the publishers publish academic non-fiction literature, essays and articles.

What kind of response have you got?
Astonishingly positive! It seems that in this era when everyone is going electronic there is certainly a need for this kind of site. Many publishers are interested in joining in. Because of low resources it may take more time and efforts, which makes their participation even more respectable.

Are you distributing only English-language publications?
We mainly distribute English-language material because many independent publishers worldwide publish in English. Some of the literature are translations from other languages into English. The site has a section for free Finnish-language publications and a few publications in Spanish. We hope to be able to expand the site to cover more languages in the future.

In my country eReaders and holding a credit card is expensive. Your eBooks are expensive, too. Is there anything for me at your site?
Publishers from different parts of the world sell their eBooks through us and it needs to be beneficial for them and for their authors. The site also needs to be self sustaining. However, the prices vary and there is a bunch of free eBooks at the site. Our eBooks can be read on eReader, computer or many mobile phones. We believe that eBooks will finally become more common in ordinary mobile devices. Unfortunately the technology varies drastically between different countries. If you pay with PayPal you don't need a credit card. We are searching new payment methods too, please give us a hint!

What is better in eBooks to normal books?
We think eBooks offer significant new distribution channels for independent publishers. They don't have to pay high costs for delivering their publications across the borders. eBooks also provide the authors with new readership. For readers eBooks from all over the world are instantly at your disposal, without having to wait for delivery, and the books can be read anywhere where you move.


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