The Movements of Movements: Struggles for Other Worlds, Part I




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published: 12 / 2014

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The Movements of Movements: Struggles for Other Worlds, Part I

By Sen Jai (ed.)

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People in so many parts of the world, and from so many walks of life, young and old, are nowadays saying that ‘Given the state of the world today, movements are the only source of hope’; and they are also living this out by their actions, by forming or joining movements. Our world today is literally a world in movement. This book is about people in movement : It is about the social and political movements for justice and liberation that people are forming but more, it is about the women and men who feel moved enough to do something about the world around them, and about how and why they are they are moved to do this.

It is an also attempt to present, and to see and to hear and to feel, the extraordinary drama of the flow of movement taking place across the world in our times, and that we are all a part of or are witness to - perhaps more than ever before in history. It is based on an understanding is that this movement is a fundamental expression of the human spirit, of life itself, and of the life of Mother Earth herself, and suggests that we can gain new understandings both of movement and of the world around us if we can see them in this way.

Focusing on movements during the period 2006-10, this book also reaches back and locates this churning in relation to some iconic movements since the 1960s : The student-led revolts in France and elsewhere in 1968, the Zapatista movement in Mexico since 1994, the Battle of Seattle in the US in 2001, the more recent waves of the feminist movements and of anti-capitalist movements, and the emergence of what is today called political Islam. Collectively, the 44 essays in this book range from re-theorisations of struggles at and from the margins to ones on liberation and the recovery of self, feminisms, queerdom, struggles of faith, the struggles of workers, and on re-imagining the world and ‘forward dreaming’; and more.

By juxtaposing essays by a range of people that discuss how movements move, in different ways and from different points of view - each with its own cultural and political cadence and rhythm -, the book seeks both to make comprehensible the movements and praxis of movements and also to contribute to learnings and movements of ideas between and across movements, including in terms of language, grammar, and syntax. Conscious of difference and multiplicity, and committed to engaging across standpoints, this collection is an attempt at sketching out a possible meta-narrative of movements and their intersectionalities, and through this hopes to contribute to readers developing their own meta-analyses of movement.

Along with the other volumes in the series of which it is a part (the Challenging Empires series - see the Publisher’s Note, in this volume), this book thus seeks both to make the sometimes bewildering range of contemporary movement more meaningful to the observer (and perhaps also to those who take part), and also to be a space where movements can speak to each other : Where multidirectional and transcommunal conversations can open up, both between and across movements and also between movements and readers, and where it becomes possible for all to begin to perceive the vastness of the universe of movement. And through this, and building on the diverse politico-cultural compositions that the essays represent, it also hopes to begin to make comprehensible the music of movement, and of a world in movement.

In order to present and make available as wide a range of movements as possible, and to make these essays as accessible as we can, we are publishing The Movements of Movements : Struggles for Other Worlds in two parts. This present ebook is Part I, and will soon be accompanied by Part II.

Contributors to Part I :

Taiaiake Alfred, Tariq Ali, the late Daniel Bensaïd, Cho Hee-Yeon, Ashok Choudhary, Lee Cormie, Jeff Corntassel, Guillermo Delgado-P, Andre Drainville, David Featherstone, Christopher Gunderson, Emilie Hayes, François Houtart, Fouad Kalouche, Alex Khasnabish, Xochitl Leyva Solano, Roma Malik, David McNally, Roel Meijer, Eric Mielants, Peter North, Shailja Patel, Emir Sader, Andrea Smith, Anand Teltumbde, James Toth, Virginia Vargas, and Peter Waterman


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